The church is not a building, the church is a people.

On Sunday, November 17 we are going to try something new. Let’s call it “People Church.” After a short gathering at 10:15 in the church sanctuary, the gathered people of the church will go out to connect with and “be the church” with individual people of the church. Some may go to visit shut-in members who can’t get out. Some may visit elderly or infirm members who rarely get out or who need special support and connection. Some may go and visit members who rarely attend for other reasons and would welcome such a visit. Others will stay in our church building and write cards to members we are missing either because they have moved or just not attended recently. Still others may connect with on the youngest of our people by engaging the younger children in some age appropriate activity either in our building or outside it. Some perhaps may choose to sit and pray for the people of Faith Church whoever and wherever those people are. 

This will be a Sunday morning service in which the service takes place primarily beyond the church building. “Church” on this day will be people connecting with people in Christ. This will be a Sunday in which the church is not a resting place; the church is a people.

If you would like to help in organizing and/or orchestrating this effort, please contact Pastor Ted. We need help identifying and making arrangements with those who will be visited and creating sign-up sheets and instructions for visitors. And we may need people to coordinate, or recruit others, or take responsibility for leading some of the visits.

We forward to this “People Church” experiment and hope you will too. Let’s give it try! We are the church together!


Worship: Sunday - 10:15 am

Sunday School:  9-10 am 

Emergency Closing Procedures – All Church closings will be posted on Channels 2, 4, & 7 in the case of in-climate weather or other emergencies. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the Office.

Check out Pastor Ted's monthly: "PASTOR'S PONDERINGS"  

We invite you to come and meet our growing community. Worship with us at Faith Church this Sunday!

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