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We welcome our new Pastor, Ted Brelsford and his wife Leslie.  Further below you will find a welcome letter prepared by Ted as in introduction for the church members and community. We are so pleased to have Ted and Leslie with us. 


August 2019       


“To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.”  – Karl Barth (20th century German pastor and theologian jailed and executed for protesting against Nazis)


Pastor’s Ponderings


August is upon us! Deep summer. Time to slow down a bit for many of us. August always seems to me a transition month without its own agenda. The parties and excitement of early summer have past, and next month Fall begins to set in with its various new beginnings. August is a good time to look back and look ahead.


Reflecting on my first (and only) three months here at Faith Church, I feel gratitude for the history of this church and for all those who have carried and are carrying that history into the present. This church has been and continues to be important in the life of this local area and in many individual lives. It has been fun for me to get to know some of that history, and even more fun to get to know some of the people of this church. I look forward to getting to know more of you better.


To that end, I invite you to meet with me after worship on Sunday, August 25. Specifically, I’d like to hear your perspectives, concerns, and hopes for our church. Even more specifically, what do I need to know about what life has been like at Faith UCC over the past year or so? I’ve heard some stories of pain, and a few happy highlights. What’s your story? And what do you think the church should be doing or working toward during the next year or so and beyond? I’ve heard some hopes and dreams and needs for the church. What are your thoughts? Please come and share in a conversation on these topics. Once again, the date is Sunday, Aug. 25, 10:45 – 11:45. We well meet in the Gathering Room across from the sanctuary. If you would rather speak with me personally, just let me know and I will be very happy to arrange a time to meet with you individually.


Also, since the summer is about to fly by, I want to highlight that September 15 will be “Bring a Friend Sunday.” Or should we say, “Bring a Friend for a Sundae”? We will have an ice cream social after worship that day, organized by the Sunday school. Every Sunday is a good Sunday to invite a friend or family member or co-worker to church, but this will be an especially good Sunday! I promise a short and upbeat sermon. We’ll have some fun and inspiring music, a special time with children as they move into their new Sunday school year, and plenty of cool delicious ice cream to follow! Spread the Word!


Pastor Ted





Worship Times: Sunday - 10:15 am

Sunday School Time:  9-10 am : begins September 8

Emergency Closing Procedures – All Church closings will be posted on Channels 2, 4, & 7 in the case of in-climate weather or other emergencies. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the Office.

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We invite you to come and meet our growing community. See what Jesus is doing right here in Boston, NY.

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Upcoming Events

Sept 8 - Rally Day

Sept 15 - Bring your friend to church day

Sept. 29 - Ask the Pastor Sunday

October 6 - World Communion Sunday

October 13 - Rev. Dr.. Marsha Williams in worship and leading training after

Oct 27 - Sunday school Halloween party; costume blessing; Trunk or Treat

Nov 3 - Remembrance Sunday

Nov 10 - Veterans Day celebration & coffee hour

Nov 24 - Turkey Soup Day

Dec 7 - Breakfast with Santa

Dec 8 - Women's Support Christmas Advent Service

Dec 15 - Sunday School Christmas pageant and luncheon/coffee hour

Dec 22 - Jesus' Birthday Party during Sunday school

Dec 24 - 7 pm & 10 pm; Christmas Eve Services


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Mission & Outreach

Aug - Dunkirk wish list

June 23 - Aug 11 - Papers and Pencils for Love Inc.

Sept - CIA Mission - Undies Sundays

Sept 16 - 2 pm; Grace for the Journey

Oct 6 - Neighbors in Need collection

Oct 14 - 2 pm; Grace for the Journey

Nov - Food Drive collection

Dec 9 - 2 pm; Grace for the Journey

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